Bunny Basket Pattern

March 21 2019 – Lindsey Neill

Bunny Basket Pattern

Bunny Basket Pattern

The Bunny Basket pattern! I wrote this pattern over 4 years ago while working at a local fabric store and then later offered it as a free pattern on Craftsy. Well, when Craftsy overhauled their site, this was one of the many patterns that got the boot from my shop. Recently I've gotten some requests for the pattern, so I've decided to put it on the ol' blog instead
There are three pages in this pattern and each page is posted below. To save this pattern to your device, simply select a pattern file and then select "save photo". You'll need to do this for each of the three pages/files. Since the last page of the pattern contains templates it's very important that it's printed at 100% or Do Not Scale so the templates are the correct size. Hope you all have fun making this pattern! Happy Easter!

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