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Pineberry Quilt Pattern - Testers' Quilts & QAL Info!

June 09 2022 – Lindsey Neill

Pineberry Quilt Pattern - Testers' Quilts & QAL Info!

Pineberry Quilt Pattern - Testers' Quilts & QAL Info!

Introducing the Pineberry quilt pattern!

(QAL info is at the very end of this post!)

This pattern came to be after a suggestion from a friend to make a strawberry pattern. I loved the idea, but hesitated initially because the strawberry quilt idea has been done. A LOT 😅 But I decided to challenge myself and give it a shot anyways. My only goals while designing this quilt were 1. Include flowers (Because if there's ever an opportunity to incorporate flowers, I'm taking advantage of it 😂) and 2. Make something unique. It took a lot of time and A LOT of iterations, but I eventually got there and I am so happy with how it turned out! I hope you all are too! ❤

And you might be wondering, what the heck is a Pineberry?? Pineberries are in the white strawberry family and are the prettiest fruit I've ever seen. Definitely take the time to look it up if you're not already familiar with them.

I had four amazing testers help with the pattern and I am so excited to show off their versions with you!

First up, @euphoria_jessica! I love everything Jessica makes and this quilt is no exception! The alternating colors on the Pineberry leaves is one my favorite parts about it. I love how soft and pretty it looks too!

Next up, @orange_door_quilts! The colors in Tami's version are STUNNING! I love how they all pop against her light background color. It has such a fresh, summer-y vibe to it.

My mom, @gailzerbe's version! I love her yellow flowers and the pink and red prints she chose for her Pineberry blocks! Check out her post HERE to see photos of it quilted and bound!

And last, but not least @annmariesoel! This version is so classic, SO beautiful. The dark background perfectly contrasts against the red strawberries! I am obsessed! 

And the last thing I wanted to share is about the Pineberry QAL!

The QAL will be six weeks long and starts July 15th! I wanted to give everyone plenty of time to pick out their fabrics for it. There will be weekly prizes, a pattern freebie, and tips for making your quilt top!


Pineberry quilt kits are currently available from Sewtopia! They're going quick though so grab one before it's gone!

I think that's it! If you end up making a Pineberry quilt, I hope you have so much fun! And if you post about it online, make sure to tag me or use the hashtag #PineberryQuilt in your caption. I would love see it! 🤩❤


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  • Karen: June 12, 2022

    Congratulations, Lindsey! This quilt is SO good. You rock!!!

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