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Bed Size Sparrows Quilt

October 21 2022 – Lindsey Neill

Bed Size Sparrows Quilt

Bed Size Sparrows Quilt

I recently made a bed size Sparrows quilt (Finished size is 80 3/4" x 82") and wanted to share how I figured out the math for it!

DISCLAIMER: The following information is not a replacement for the Sparrows quilt pattern. I will share the amounts needed for each piece, but the pattern is still required for assembly instructions. You can purchase the Sparrows Quilt pattern HERE!

Alright, let's break this down! I'm sharing how I quickly figured out the math for this in case it's helpful for anyone else trying to enlarge another quilt pattern!

The Sparrows throw size quilt consists of 24 blocks. To add an extra column and row to the throw size, you will need an additional 11 blocks. 11 is almost half of 24 (Do you see where this is going?) so I simply took the total amount of pieces needed for each letter, divided it in half, and added that amount to the total. So, for example, (6) A pieces are needed for the throw size. Half of 6 is 3 so for the bed size you will need (9) A pieces.

(The extra row and column that is added to the throw size is highlighted in red above.)

And you might be wondering, does this mean I'll be making 36 blocks instead of required 35? So, yes, going this route means you'll have one leftover Sparrows block. I personally was fine with cutting for an extra block because that meant I would have extra pieces in case there were any mistakes along the way. And guess what? Those extra pieces did in fact came in handy later 😅

Still confused? Not great with math? 😆 Don't worry, a printable sharing the amounts needed for each piece is at the end of this post! 


For the bed size Sparrows quilt I bought...

5 1/4 yards for the background
3/4 yard for each Bird's Body print
3/4 yard for the Beak & Tail print
3/4 yard for the HST's
1/8 yard for the Bird's Eye print

    Because I had a few people ask what fabrics I used in my quilt top, I've linked to them below!

    Cotton Couture in Cadet for the background

    Essex Speckled Yard Dyed in Cream for the bird's body

    Kona in Shale for the bird's body

    Woven in Dust for the bird's body

    Crawford Gingham in Navy for the bird's body

    Add it Up in Earth Unbleached for the beak and tail

    Kona in Bone for the HST's

    Select the link below to download the bed size instructions:


      (I'll update this post with full shots of the quilt once it's finished!)

       Thanks for reading! Have a question?

      You can email me at

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      • Sharon Thomsen: March 31, 2023

        I am so excited for this but as I am the cochair of our quilt show March 10-12 I will not start until the 13th. If I want more scrappy sparrows can I use 8 different t FQs vs the half yards in the pattern? I see in the pattern that cutting is shown using fat quarters. I have quilt show brain but want to be prepared to start on the 13th. Thank so much!!!!

      • Jennifer: March 31, 2023

        lover your fabric choices, can you share what they are?

      • Laurel Bain: March 31, 2023

        I ordered and have the sparrow quilt pattern . I am anxious to have the direction and help of a sew along. Will there be any charge for this 6 week event ?

        Thank you so much for doing this.

      • Retha Tiner: March 31, 2023

        I have had this pattern for awhile, but would like to follow your QAL, if that is ok. For some reason this little bird looks a bit complicated.

      • Karen Shackleford: December 08, 2022

        Hi Lindsey – You are so generous with all you share with us. Can’t get to it right away, but can’t wait to add the patterns I don’t have for the sampler. And my bird quilt fabric keeps calling. This gorgeous one is so inspiring! You rock!

      • Martha Austin: December 08, 2022

        Love the sparrow quilt!

      • Karen Blue: December 08, 2022

        I cut out all my pieces for the quilt last week then I made one block, which I love!, I’m excited to make this quilt but it is set aside so it’s ready to go to my 5-day quilting retreat in Feb. It’s hard to wait but I will be busily distracted in the meantime. In making the test block, I determined I should be successful sewing in a distracting environment with 41 of my quilting friends. I’m thinking that, because you wrote the pattern to make multiples in each step, I hopefully won’t be clipping the wrong wing!

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