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Staying Organized with the Sewology Pattern

August 16 2017 – Lindsey Neill

Staying Organized with the Sewology Pattern

Staying Organized with the Sewology Pattern

I find staying organized while making a quilt, especially a block-of-the-month quilt, so valuable to the quilt making process. I know a lot of creative people who operate better with the clutter, but personally, I find it's just one more thing to become frustrated about while sewing later. I hope my fellow Type A's and aspiring Type A's find these suggestions helpful! And if any of you have additional suggestions for staying organized during this sew along, please comment below. I'd love to hear them!

I recommend using the following supplies:

- 1 1/2" 3-ring binder with a clear cover on the front, back, and spine
- 50 or more sheet protectors (This is optional. You could hole punch your pattern pages instead)
- Binder Spine Label and Page Tabs printable (Files are at the very end of this post)
- Printed copies of the front and back covers, introduction and all currently released block patterns.

(The Sewology Pattern can be purchased HERE!)

Below are instructions and some visuals for how to use the Binder Spine Label and Page Tabs when organizing your Sewology pattern!

A - I recommend using double sided tape, a small ruler, Hera Marker, paper trimmer and small scissors for cutting out and applying the label and page tabs to the organized pattern.

B - Using a paper trimmer or scissors, cut out the Binder Spine Label and Page Tabs.

C - Carefully insert the Binder Spine Label in the clear sleeve pocket on the spine of the binder. You may find it helpful to use the pointy end of the Hera Marker to insert it further down into the sleeve.

D - After you use the small scissors to trim the curved detail of the Page Tabs, take a ruler and the round, flat edge of the Hera mark and create a crease along the dashed line of the Page Tab.

E - Fold the Page Tab in half along the crease.

F - Apply double-sided tape to the inside of the Page Tab.

G - Sandwich the front page of the corresponding block pattern in between the folded Page Tab. You can apply it to the right outer edge of the page like I did or along the top of the page too. Just note that if you adhere it along the top, you won't be able to remove the pages inside the page protector without removing the Page Tab first.

H - Store your remaining Page Tabs in the inner pocket of your binder.

I - Labeling the spine not only makes the binder prettier looking, but it also makes it much easier to locate the pattern when you're ready to sew your blocks.



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