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*NEW* Fineline® Glue Tips!

August 26 2021 – Lindsey Neill

*NEW* Fineline® Glue Tips!

*NEW* Fineline® Glue Tips!


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I was first introduced to glue basting in 2014 by Pile O' Fabric and, I think like most quilters, I was resistant to trying it because I assumed it would be more work, more time consuming, and also, WHY?? It can't be THAT MUCH better than pins, right?

SPOILER ALERT - It totally is.

After trying glue basting, I was HOOKED and have been singing it's praises on the regular ever since. It was a complete and total game changer!

(Yes, it is possible to be THIS passionate about glue 😂)

Eventually Pile O' Fabric stopped selling the glue tips and asked if I'd be interested in selling them and, well, obviously I said yes!

If you're wondering what the heck glue basting is - Let me tell you! Typically when you sew two pieces of fabric together you'll use pins to line up your edges and keep your fabric pieces in place. Well, take out the pins part, replace it with glue, and that's what glue basting is! That's it!


No more fabric shifting while you sew Which means any seams or points you're lining up won't move either! The most precise piecing you'll ever experience 👌

No more tiny piecing frustration If you've ever sewn with small cuts of fabric then you know how tricky pinning or accurately sewing with them can be. Put down the pins and experience pure tiny piecing bliss with glue!

(Am I starting to sound like an infomercial? Yes and I'm okay with that 😆)

No more stopping to remove pins while you sew It might feel like it's more time consuming, but it's actually a time saver! You can watch me prove that in a YouTube video HERE!

No more senseless acts of pin-related violence 🤕 If you've ever stepped on a rogue pin or had a needle fly in your face because you were feeling a *little* rebellious while sewing, you'll know what I'm talking about!

It can be used for more than just piecing I use glue for binding corners and appliqué as well. Basically any time you want to keep some fabric in place, try glue!

• It's a low risk, clutz-friendly type of sewing notion Because you're using washable glue there's no worrying about it staining or becoming permanent later. And again, going back to reason #4, it WILL NOT draw blood at any point in the sewing process 🚫🙅‍♀️🩸🤕

(The Everbloom block above is an example of the magic of glue basting 🧝‍♀️🔮✨)


The Fineline® Glue Tips in my shop were designed specifically with quilters in mind!

• The glue tip gives precise glue placement, but also doesn't require super human-like strength to get the glue out. A very gentle squeeze and you're good to go!

• The glue tip is made with stainless steel (No rusting! 🙌) and uses an air-tight, non-clogging wire cap closure system that insures no clogging - My personal favorite part about the glue tip.

• It fits a 4 oz. bottle of Elmer's Washable School glue! Specialty glue that can only be found online or in select shops isn't necessary 🎉

Check out our video HERE to see the glue tip in action!

Alright, I think I covered all of the glue basting bases! If you have any questions, you can email me at

And, again, you can purchase the glue and glue tips HERE! Don't forget to use the discount code FINELINE25 to save 25% on your first order!





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