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RK Palette Picks Bundle - Quilt Samples

July 08 2022 – Lindsey Neill

RK Palette Picks Bundle - Quilt Samples

RK Palette Picks Bundle - Quilt Samples

Introducing my Palette Picks bundle with Robert Kaufman!

You can preorder the bundle now through Sewtopia! If you're a quilt shop interested in carrying the bundle, you can place an order through Robert Kaufman HERE! The bundle will start shipping December 2022!

The fabrics in the bundle are a mix of my all-time favorite Kona solids and a representation of my favorite interior design styles - Mid-century and Scandinavian. I love the unintentional fall vibes the bundle has as well.

With the help of three amazing sample makers, I had four quilt samples made with the bundle! I included two mock ups of quilts you can make with the bundle at the end of this post too!

First up - Tiny Town! This quilt was made by @charle66! The background fabric I used is Kona Ash and the binding is Speckled in Cream (which shockingly was easy to bind with! 😅) This quilt uses EVERY print from the bundle! You can purchase the Tiny Town pattern HERE!

PS I have a *new* automatic discount code in the shop! Buy three patterns, get the fourth one free! Discount code does not expire 🙌🏻

Next up - Folk Blooms! This quilt was made by @dreamquiltcreate! I love how retro this one feels. The background is Speckled in Cream which gives it such a fun texture too! The Folk Blooms pattern is available HERE!

Next is Sparrows! My personal favorite! This one was made by @nedrasorensen! And check out that quilting by Julie Hirt! So good! 😍 The Sparrows pattern is available HERE!

Last, but not least of the quilt samples is Pineberry! This quilt was made by yours truly. Something I've been surprised by since releasing Pineberry is how versatile the pattern is. It still looks pretty cute even in non traditional pineberry/strawberry colors. You can find the Pineberry pattern HERE!

I also did mock ups with my Fresh as a Daisy and Garden Snails patterns - Which are also fat quarter friendly! I'm actually working on the Fresh as a Daisy version right now. I'm using Natural for the background and Curry for the flower centers. Can't wait to share once it's finished!

The Fresh as a Daisy pattern is available HERE!

And finally Garden Snails! This pattern is a favorite of mine to showcase a color palette or fabric line. The shells are the perfect opportunity for that! The Garden Snails pattern is available HERE! And don't forget you can save $12 when you buy four patterns in a single purchase! Discount is automatically applied at checkout!


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  • Cathy johansen: May 10, 2023

    I recently finished snails quilt and love it. Found sparrows in a quilt store outside of paducah, ky while taking classes at AQS. Cant wait to start on it.

  • vector: December 08, 2022

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  • Megan Doyle: July 10, 2022

    I recently purchased the Spattows pattern and am putting together the “just right” fabrics to compliment my decor. Thanks for the invite to follow your site.

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