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Scandi Collection - Testers' Quilts

March 25 2021 – Lindsey Neill

Scandi Collection - Testers' Quilts

Scandi Collection - Testers' Quilts

TESTER PARADE!! Y'all ready for this amazing-ness??
Tester's Instagram accounts are linked below each photo. If you have a chance, go show them some love in their posts!
First up, Folk Blooms!

Plain Janes & Co




SKC Crafts


Legacy Threads Quilting



Orange Door Quilts




 Sew Mary Happy


And now my tester's Sparrows quilts! 😍

Pincushion Quilts


SKC Crafts


Lima Bean Loves


Playing With Fabrics


Mtn Air Handmade




Orange Door Quilts


Oco Creations


Six Kids Quilts

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