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Snap Happy Pattern Hack

May 02 2024 – Lindsey Neill

Snap Happy Pattern Hack

Snap Happy Pattern Hack

If you've purchased the Snap Happy pattern and thought your sewing skills weren't quite up to par for making the Camera block then you'll want to keep reading!

The reason the pattern is labeled as "advanced beginner friendly" rather than just "beginner friendly" is because of the Camera block. Take that block out of the equation and the quilt is doable for all skill sets!
There's quite a few smaller pieces in the Camera block that do require some skill to piece accurately. So, today I'm going to share how to replace the Camera block with four additional Photo blocks to make the quilt completely beginner friendly!
 (Reference the pattern for measurements of pieces)
For the Camera block-free version you'll need to...
1. Only cut the A, B, C, and D pieces for the Photo blocks. Do not cut pieces E - X6 from the pattern.
2. Cut/aqcuire an additional four A pieces for the photos.
3. Cut an additional (4) B, (4) C, and (8) D pieces.
4. Do not cut the Sashing B or C pieces.
5. Cut an extra (4) Sashing D pieces for both sizes.
6. For the baby size you'll need an extra (3) Sashing A pieces and for the throw size you'll need an extra (5) Sashing A pieces.
7. Sew you're remaining last two rows of Photo blocks exactly how you sewed the previous rows of Photo blocks.
     I was able to cut all additional pieces with remnant or leftover fabric.
    And that's it! I made my Camera block free version using the Through the Window collection for Cloud 9 Fabrics. The background fabric is Kona Grellow and the Photo Frames fabric is Kona PFD White.
    If you have any questions about today's post, you can reach out to me at!

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