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Best Buds Mock Ups & Quilt Kits

January 11 2024 – Lindsey Neill

Best Buds Mock Ups & Quilt Kits

Best Buds Mock Ups & Quilt Kits

The Best Buds quilt pattern is now available! Save 20% sitewide when you use the discount code BESTBUDS20. Discount expires 1/19/24.
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Ever feel overwhelmed when choosing colors for a quilt? Best Buds coudn't be easier to pull for! The quilt consists of only three various colors! I personally love a quilt that's easy to pull for, but if you're someone who loves a scrappy-looking quilt, don't worry, there's a fat quarter option as well! I'll go into detail about that toward the end of this post. Best Buds quilt kits and a Best Buds coloring page are also linked in this post!
Kit for the cover version above is available from Full Moon Fabric Co!
If you're not feeling any of the mock ups and kits in this post, you can create a custom Best Buds quilt kit with Full Moon Fabric Co HERE!
Most of the mock ups below lean on the high-contrast side. I like how the checkerboard design really pops with a high-contrast pull. I think a monochromatic or low-contrast fabric pull would look great as well!
I hope the mock ups below are a helpful jumping off point for you as you figure out your Best Buds fabric pull. The names of the Kona solids I used are listed below each mock up. You'll want to reference the fabric requirements (shown above) to figure out how much yardage you'll need of each solid.
 The Kona solids used are:
 Brick, Cedar, and Dusty Peach
 The Kona solids used are:
 Curry, Lighthouse, and Snow
 The Kona solids used are:
Sienna, Foxglove, and Lingerie
Inspired by my tester's, @mtnairhandmade, Best Buds quilt.
The Kona solids used are: Black, Cedar, and Ivory. A kit for this version is avaialble from Full Moon Fabric Co!
 The Kona solids used are:
 Cedar, Peach, and Lingerie
 The Kona solids used are: Pickle, Wasabi, and Lingerie. A kit for this version is available from Full Moon Fabric Co!
Kit is available from Full Moon Fabric Co!
This is a scrappy version I made of the throw size from the pattern (Sewtopia has kits for it HERE).
Instead of using 30 fat quarters, as recommended in the pattern, I used 15 half yards. To make this option you'll need to cut out two blocks from each half yard. You can double the single block cutting instructions OR the fat quarter cutting instructions from the pattern to use as a guide for this option.
The Kona solids I used are: Coral, Nectarine, Creamsicle, Ballerina, Petal, Orchid, Khaki, Lingerie, Blue, Sea Glass, Olive, Pickle, Cedar, Kumquat, and Yarrow.
The next four mock ups are kits that are available from Rainbow Stash!
A coloring page for Best Buds can be downloaded HERE!
And if you're needing even more Best Buds inspiration, check out my blog post with testers' Best Buds quilts HERE!
If you made it to end - Congrats AND thank you! If you have any questions regarding today's post, don't hesitate to reach out to me at

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  • Johanna: January 16, 2024

    Oh! This is good! This is one of those ‘I need to make more than one’ quilts. First up though, the scrappy one!

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