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Santa Bunting Tutorial

November 11 2020 – Lindsey Neill

Santa Bunting Tutorial

Santa Bunting Tutorial

So a few days ago, while contemplating what project to make with the Kris Kringle FPP pattern (Pattern is linked below!), I couldn't get the banner/bunting idea out of my head. Awhile ago, I did a tutorial for a Santa Ornament so I basically decided to combine that with the FPP pattern + bunting idea and came up with this...

What do you guys think?? If you want to make your own Santa Hat bunting keep reading!

First you'll want to download the Santa Hat FPP Pattern and Kris Kringle Bunting Templates. Select the buttons below to instantly download those files to your computer/smart device.




1. Print out templates and FPP pattern at 100% or "Do Not Scale". Take your hat pom-pom and mustache fabric and back with interfacing (I used Heat N' Bond Fusible Light Weight). Using a light box or well-lit window, trace templates A and C onto the fabric with a water soluble pen (I used a Frixion pen). 

2. Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut out the Template A & C shapes.

3. Paper piece Unit B of the Kris Kringle FPP pattern.  Discard Unit A and cut out a 1 3/8" x 4" piece of fabric from the background fabric instead. Sew that piece to the top of Unit B, RST. Press the seam toward the 1 3/8" x 4" piece. Cut out Template B from the "skin" fabric (7/8" x 4") and Template D and sew the two pieces, RST. Press the seam toward the Template D piece.

4. Sew the hat unit and face/beard unit, RST. Press the seam toward the hat unit.

5. Cut out the Template E piece (4" x 5 7/8") and then round the two bottom corners using the template, a Frixion pen, and pair of scissors. 

6. Optional, using washable Elmer's glue, glue the unit from Step 4 and the unit from Step 5, RST, leaving the top of the unit unglued. You can use pins instead of glue if you prefer. [You can watch my Glue Basting Tutorial HERE]

7. Sew a 1/4" seam and then cut out notches in the curve of the unit, making sure not to snip into/past the stitches.

8. Turn the unit right side out and press with a hot, dry iron.

9. Attach the hat pom-pom and mustache pieces to the Step 8 unit. I sewed them on, as shown below, but glue works too!

Repeat Steps 1 - 9 until you've made your desired amount of bunting pieces. I used a long piece of bias tape (1/2" wide with a double fold) to string my bunting pieces together.

And you're done! ENJOY!

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