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Oh My Cacti Kona Mock Ups

June 13 2024 – Lindsey Neill

Oh My Cacti Kona Mock Ups

Oh My Cacti Kona Mock Ups

The fun part about Oh My Cacti quilt is how great it looks in most color schemes! Sometimes creating mock ups is really time consuming, but these were all so easy to make!
As you can tell I went with nontraditional color schemes (AKA not typical cactus colors) for the mock ups, but the quilt looks great with all green cacti too (As evidenced by the cover 😉). 
The names of the Kona solids I used are listed below each mock up. For amounts you'll want to reference the pattern cover which is at the very end of this post!
Dill (background), Fog, Ice Peach, Mango (for cacti and flower center), Terragon, and Snow
Snow (background), Salmon, Curry (for cacti and flower center), Dusty Blue, Corsage, and Ballet Slipper
Cadet (background), Salmon, Peach, Yarrow (for cacti and flower center), Dill, and Lingerie
Snow (background), Torch, Butterscotch, Basil, Dusty Peach, Lingerie, and Salmon (flower centers)
Torch (background), Peach, Papaya (for cacti and flower center), Dresden Blue, Celadon, and Snow
Hope you found the mock ups helpful! If you have any questions about the pattern or mock ups you can reach me at!

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  • Hanna Mansfield: June 24, 2024

    Yes I find it helpful to see the whole pattern in different colour combinations.

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