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 Hi there! My name is Lindsey and I am the maker behind Pen + Paper Patterns. I have had an interest in art and creating since I was very little. I can vividly remember winning a coloring contest at five years old (the prize was a Tootsie Pop) and thinking this art thing is pretty cool. Give me candy and I’m sold. I’ve pursued many creative interests over the years - everything from children’s book illustration to selling handmade invitations on Etsy, but nothing has quite stuck like sewing has. I think I’ve always been drawn to quilts. I can remember visiting family in Pennsylvania as a teen and seeing Amish quilts hanging outside of shops and being fascinated by how they were made. I wasn’t introduced to quilt making until 2003 while pregnant with my daughter. I took a few classes with a friend, but unfortunately the farther along I got in my pregnancy the less I could commit to learning more about this newfound hobby. Seven years and not much sewing later (and after feeling incredibly burnt out from juggling motherhood and a tiny biz on Etsy), I applied for a job at a local scrapbook and fabric store. Ironically, before I became an employee, I only shopped at that store for scrapbooking supplies. Soon after getting hired I took a 4-week beginning quilting class and over the course of that month I quickly developed a HUGE passion for sewing. It was because of that job and spending a year creating weekly tutorials for their blog, some of which were sewing related, that I decided on a whim to take what I had learned and make a quilt pattern to sell in the store. It was then that Pen + Paper Patterns was born. Even though the first few years of pattern making were slow-going, my passion never wavered and that desire to put unique and whimsical quilt patterns out in the world is just as strong today. My mission is to give people the confidence, knowledge, and freedom to create what inspires them - one pattern at a time. If you’re new here, welcome! Thanks for stopping by! If you want to know more, you can check me out on Instagram where I share all my latest makes! 





Janome Ambassador 2020



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